Temporary Code of Conduct

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For Consideration on May 28, 2020

North Baltimore Public Library Board of Trustees


The following items are added to the Library Code to Conduct as an addendum and shall continue to the end of 2020 unless otherwise extended or suspended by the Board of Trustees.


  1. Library patrons, age three and older, must wear a face covering at all times while in the buildings.
    1. For those unable to, or unwilling to, wear a face covering, reasonable accommodations will include delivery of library services (checkout of materials and reference service) via digital services or curbside pickup.
      1. The director may be contacted for further accommodations.
      2. Patrons that are sick, or have a fever, or are actively coughing or sneezing shall not enter library buildings, even if they are wearing a face covering.
      3. All visitors will practice social distancing at all times, ensuring a minimum of six feet distance to all others.
      4. While in the library buildings, patrons shall practice good hygiene by properly washing hands or using hand sanitizer.
        1. Library facilities will observe the following occupancy limits: North Baltimore - 15 patrons, plus staff Historical Society - 5 patrons, plus staff
        2. Minors (those under age 16) must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervision of their own parent or legal guardian at all times.
        3. There will be no loitering on any library property at any time.
          1. Patrons visiting the buildings may do so for no longer than one 30-minute visit per day by appointment only.
            1. All materials will be checked out on the adult side.
            2. Call the Library at 419-257-3621 to schedule your appointment.
            3. Patron use of library computers shall be:
              1. Limited to 30-minutes per day by appointment
              2. Limited to essential business or research use only. No gaming permitted.
              3. Managed by prior scheduled appointments, with enough time for cleaning and disinfection between each patron.
        4. Patrons shall return all borrowed materials via the external book returns or designated receptacle.
        5. No group or class visits shall be permitted. Meeting spaces are not available to use or rental.
        6. For questions about the temporary code, please contact the Library Director Holly Ryder at 419-257-3621 or by email at holly@nbpubliclibrary.org